Posted : Mar 04, 23

Category : Event

Mar 1: MOBIO Cafe Meeting with nine "Kansai New Selection 2023" companies

MOBIO started "Kansai New Selection 2023" exhibition in the MOBIO Tech Hall and runs the exhibition through March 30. Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Kansai Bureau recognizes outstanding Kansai-based SMEs that have produced innovative products and technologies as "Kansai New Selection 2023".

On March 1, nine exhibitors explained their technologies and products on March 1.


202303 shinsen at  booth #1 rd.jpg


*OKUMURA ENGINEERING corp. Valve for stable sealing of cryogenic fluids

P1260617.JPG P1260681 rd.jpg

*SAIJO INX XO., LTD.  Flexible heat-transfer fins that can be retrofitted

P1260614 rd.jpg P1260679 rd.jpg

*HIRAKAWA CORPORATION Industry's first next-generation latent heat recovery boiler

P1260611 rd.jpg FG-2000 rd.jpg

*Dainichi Denshi Co., Ltd Digital train communication system

P1260603 rd.jpg dainichi.jpg

*SHINKO SEIKI CO., LTD. Arc discharge magnetron sputtering equipment

P1260630 rd.jpg マグネトロンスパッタリング装置.jpg

*TORRY ENGINEERING CO. LTD. Special air nozzle discharging air in a thin plate shape

P1260641  rd.jpg P1260672 rd.jpg

*FUJI KOGYO CO., LTD. Disaster prevention products to replace sandbags. Float Guard F

P1260599 rd.jpg P1260674 rd.jpg

*MARUWA KNIT Co.,LTD Sports jersey-like jacket and pants

P1260627 rd.jpg P1260661 rd.jpg

*FUKUYOSHI CO., LTD. Marbled miracle, ethical celebrity soap

P1260620 rd.jpg P1260659 rd.jpg


After the new technology pitches, a series of question and answer sessions and discussions took place at each company's booth.