Our services

One Stop Service

One Stop Service An experienced specialized coordinator will support in fields such as technology, management, IT, and patents in addition to providing consultation related to business matching. Furthermore, at the IM room in the South facility, an industry and academia coordinator will assist as a mediator between local businesses and universities.
The Incubation Manager Office on the second floor of the South Facility has a consultation room for business and academia collaboration, assisting with the process of bridging the gap between industry and scholarship.

Permanent Exhibition Hall

Permanent Exhibition Hall The latest technologies and products are displayed at the permanent exhibition hall in the first and second floor of the north facility. Related services include presentations on exhibiting companies and exhibited products and technologies, and mediation between visitors and exhibiting companies.
Expert managers are stationed to follow up on the needs of exhibiting companies.

Monodzukuri B2B Network

International B2B support One of the World Wide Business Matching Service, operated by Osaka Prefecture, for both Overseas and Domestic manufacturers.

Incubator support

Incubator support Through our facility's one stop service counter and business and academia collaboration services, we are looking forward to reaching success with our tenant services and management reforms.

Business and academia collaboration

Business and academia collaboration In collaboration with universities and research institutions, we support local small and medium size companies with their innovative monozukuri activities. We also provide the technical skills, know-how, and human resource development needed to promote continuous advancement.