Posted : Feb 06, 23

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Digitize "Fatigue"! Management system to determine mental and physical fatigue: AQ Flicker, developed by CYBER CRAFT

This is the state-of-the-art technology developed by Japanese SMEs.

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Cyber Craft Co., Ltd.


AQ Flicker is possible to measure fatigue by "flickering" by a quick and easy way. A video was added to the website to show how easy it is to use, along with information about the recommended class of trade. Since the measured value varies depending on the person and his/her age, it is possible to evaluate fatigue not by absolute value but by "relative value".

AQ Flicker, a quick and easy way to measure fatigue by "flickering"

Recommended uses by CYBER CARAFT are:
*Large scale business establishments: Fatigue assessment and visible labor management after an overnight stay.
*Shipping companies: Confirmation of driver overwork through pre-work fatigue testing

To be continued in this video:


AQ Flicker is on display at the booth on the 2nd floor of the MOBIO Tech Hall. The use is also explained. Please take it and measure. Measure before and after you start looking around the hall... Will there be a numerical difference in fatigue?