Posted : Dec 11, 13

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Building "Corporate Strength" through Efforts for Change / Meet the President #29-Mr. Takazawa

On top of advanced technology TAKAZAWA MFG. has obtained trust from fishermen and ironworks assisted by established nationwide network and responded to the needs of continuous fishing. CEO Takazawa is changing the corporate business platform to propose fishing solutions and to maintain customers.


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"INNOVATION and CHALLENGE" through the special interview.

No.29 is Mr. Takazawa of ***TAKAZAWA MFG CO., LTD. (Read Details) ***

- Propeller Shafts, Seal Sterns, Seal ring, Hydraulic fishing equipment, Labor-saving machinery and boat accessories

takazawa logo

Mr. Takazawa          "TW" is the Trade Mark on the products

●Made it simple

Since most of the fishing boat parts were made by local ironworks, even key joints were made to order manually by 'actual-thing matching'. It took time to produce and costed a lot. Then as the market leader and with advanced technology TAKAZAWA took an initiative to parts standardization. In case of TAKAZAWA MFG. models every factories or ironworks could just exchange damaged parts and make adjustment by themselves.

029_01 Seal Stern with standardized seal size

(The seal stern works with a diaphragm construction for outstanding watertightness, decreased friction resistance with the propeller shaft, and energy savings due to improved rotation transmission.)

Takazawa said, "Due to longer boat life cycle used vessel trade had increased. And production and maintenance may not be managed by the same company. It was very convenient for fishing industry to use "TW" brand standardized parts, that resulted in confidence to TAKAZAWA MFG."


●The one stop service provider of fishing equipment

Recent years, even at small fishing boats a lot of electronic equipment, such as radars, fish-finder devices and others are installed. TAKAZAWA MFG. has been receiving versatile request by nationwide customers as the one stop marine supplier.

"When the fishing boat has been equipped with more electronic equipment and more high-tech. equipment, it requires more components than previous boats did'nt. We will improve our technology to match to market changes at production and procurement. As a department store provides all necessities, we will target to become the one stop provider of fishing equipment," Takazawa said.


●Proactive marketing activity

029_02Hydraulic hauling machine, "Uni-roller" series

(for drift gill net fishing, fixed netting and other coastal fishery)

Hydraulic fishing machinery has been demanded by their customers and its business has expanded tremendously along with their core business - propeller shafts.

"For 20 years we have produced them. Recent years fishermen are aging and demand for labor saving equipment has increased for net hauling and other operation. With only order taking activity from shrinking market, nobody may survive. We need to use proactive marketing strategy," Takazawa said.

One of their strength is nationwide marketing network. He started to utilize its strength to implement product development with broader customer base. "For example, with laver cultivation operators we have jointly worked to develop a labor saving cultivating boat for 10 years. Utilizing our technology we are proposing them with new equipment of laver harvesting and nets sterilizing system," Takazawa said.

It requires skill improvement of marketing staff, establishment of corporate follow-up structure and information sharing system. Takazawa said "I know it's very tough to innovate business platform, however I am firmly convinced that it is the best strategy to please our customers and to effectively use TAKAZAWA's strength."


●Providing with "Innovation" and "Confidence" continuously

Because of reduction, aging and lack of successors, fishing industry market is shrinking. That is why Takazawa takes next step matching to the market demand.

tkw125aThe new product, Double tube seawater filter demanded by the chief engineer

" I firmly believe we can grow further once customers consider us the first in the market and such growth will be achieved when customers appreciate our efforts. At TAKAZAWA MFG. there are categories to be innovated, judging from my 60 years business experience. We may setup an interesting factory tour program for customers. I will further establish the ever changing corporation," Takazawa said.