Posted : Oct 12, 13

Category : Exhibitor's Voice

The First Trade Shaw was Full of Information/Mr. Takai of SAWAMURA DENZAI CO., LTD.

SAWAMURA DENZAI CO., LTD. provides various size of electrical insulating films, heat-resistant resin films and high functional films that exactly match to customer's needs. Thin and thick, wide and narrow -they cut various objects into various shapes.

Display at SME Fair in Kaisai 2013

" When we were called by MOBIO, we have decided to participate in the trade show FIRST TIME with two purpose in mind. One is to acquire new customers and another is to change our business attitude." says Takai.

Through seminar study Takai has noticed difficulties to transmit his ideas to other members. At the same time he admitted that he had conveyed their strength by product leaflet at all.

"Therefore when I could create the short but eye-catching phrase first among members at the catch phrase seminar, I was very much pleased to have finished. And I have learned we need to change our communication basics fitting to the first time viewers."

●Surprised to have welcomed visitors from the large enterprises

"I was amazed to learn that at the show we could meet more managers of the large companies than expected. I could not meet many of them other than the trade show. Rather they visited our booth with more interest than I imagined. And visitor's view from other industry market to our products was very new. I was surprised and have learned a lot from their consideration of Sawada in a total different way." says Takai.

It was the first time for Takai to have worked at the show with 10 companies and could establish partnership among them. For him it was valuable experience.

●Improve communication by continuous participation in the trade shows

After participating in the preparation seminar and the joint booth with 10 companies, Takai commented "I felt that continuation is important and noticed one time participation does not bring immediate result. By consecutive attendance to the trade shows, we will inform Sawada to the industry in real sense. And by working as an exhibitor I tends to evaluate other booths and changed my trade show approach totally, considering good display and usable display for Sawada."

Since Sawada's office is close to MOBIO, Takai visited MOBIO often and asked many questions beside the seminar. "Probably I was the nuisance for MOBIO but I have learned quite a bit." says Takai and he would like to exhibit other shows as well.

"When we will participate in the trade show again, we will need an additional assistance by MOBIO. If there were the similar seminar to be held, I would like to join. And I am confident that I would provide with a different and much improved report even to the same question!"

Interviewed on June 27, 2013