Posted : Oct 09, 13

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The Ideal Place for Test Marketing/Mr. Koshiba of DAIKO SEIKI CO., LTD.

Daiko Seiki primarily manufactures precision machine components and performs machining on a variety of metals using their accumulated experience and technology.

Display at SME Fair in Kaisai 2013

Daiko participates in trade shows each year. Koshiba says "Actually we have already decided to participate in the Precision Technology Fair on the same day and at the same pavilion. Still I have decided to join SME Fair as well to find product possibilities to different markets. So I have decided to ask my son to manage SME Fair."

●Assistance needs
IT software for machining orientation

Its software is an orientation system for inexperienced NC machine workers. By using PC they can learn the machine operation interactively. Funded by Osaka local government they have collaborated with the university, software company and five companies in the same trade. By entering drawing data it analyses data, recommends suitable tools processes for the machining operation and create program for NC. Then simply download it to USB memory and upload at NC machine.

Koshiba started its development because he had difficulties to train the high school graduates to experienced workers. "At least it takes three years of training. In other words it is investment period without any immediate returns. So I have decided to develop some tools to save this cost. The young staff will learn basic NC operation just in one week. It is a great assistance for SME managers, is't it?" says Koshiba.

●Market reaction

P1040621-300 Presentation to the visitor at SME booth

"Including SME Fair we have displayed IT software for machining orientation at three trade shows and wanted to receive visitors' inquiry as a test marketing. MTEC Tokyo, Precision Technology Fair in Osaka and SME Fair in Osaka."

They have received different response by the market. The proposed package price was well accepted in Tokyo, on the other hand was not accepted in Osaka. Daiko is guessing its difference might be reflected by economic condition and market size at two markets.

Throughout three shows they received 40 inquiries and would assign the specific person to follow them.

●Search for the market continuously
Next time Daiko will create more impressive display to bring heavier traffic. Koshiba says "We need to approach to visitors from solution point of view. How to bring the young to manufacturing business, to assist freshman's orientation and etc. Daiko is committed to participate in the trade shows positively, considering visitors' reaction to the product and improving presentation skills. At the same time they will complete It software by August, adding machining pattern in the data base by 50 types.

Koshiba's goal is to let the young know manufacturing corporations and consider them as possible work places. He has a passion to turn Osaka manufacturing vividly.

Koshiba stands next to the MC

Interviewed on Jun. 26, 2013