Posted : Oct 08, 13

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By Proposing Solution Plan to the Show Visitor, We Could Open a New Account/Mr. Takahashi of MITSUMOTO RASENKAN KOGYO CO., LTD.

Mitsumoto Rasenkan Kogyo is a manufacturer specialized in tubes and thin metal pipes with a bellows action for carrying liquids and gases. Using an original deep drawing technology and the ready-to-use molds, they reduce wall thickness and equalize thickness.

●MOBIO seminar was a good start to improve a trade show display

Display at SME Fair in Kaisai 2013

Mitsumoto considers a trade show as an important communication tool as same as IT communication. Although they have participated the Small & Medium Enterprise Fair in Kansai, Takahashi of Mitsumoto decided to participate 2003 Fair with a hope when he was offered by MOBIO. "Target customers of the SME Fair are general audiences. I wanted to promote our product-bellows by allowing them to manipulate bellows for performance understanding and the company itself. It might bring different effect from what we received through exclusive trade shows." says Takahashi.

He has selected the multi-layered bellows as a main display item, which is their core technology to manufacture by use of thin plate (from 0.1 mm to 0.5 mm) . And it's not so simple to display bellows consisted of four thin stainless steel plates effectively. They could not explain layer construction properly, rather showed as if it was one layer model.

Bellows (Four layer type)

"Display planning seminar at MOBIO was very informative for me. It was good chance for me to learn a lot from the tutor to create a catch phrase of a display panel and easy-to-understand product display. " Takahashi says. Based on the new information he has changed a bellows display model to coat by different colors at each layer, that made each layer visible. And he also made clear acrylic shelves to show product in the second row outstandingly. Those coating and a shelf were produced by MOBIO exhibitors, that is another advantage to collaborate with MOBIO.

●Next time a display will be moving ty

Mr. Takahashi with a bellows display model

Because the visitors at SME Kansai Fair came from various industries, Takahashi received a question "What is this?" When he explained product specifications of four layer construction and allowed them to touch bellows, the visitors instantly noticed its flexibility. Most of the visitors were surprised and impressed saying "Oh, great!".

During three day exhibition Takahashi received business cards from 80 corporations and could take PO from one of them. "We have delivered the product as a problem solver." ,says Takahashi. It is one of the examples for Mitsumoto to have worked and proposed solution as the bellows and flexible tube specialist.

A flexible tube is another pillar product at Mitsumoto

Takahashi is quite positive for the trade show and says "When we were called next time, definitely we will exhibit again. On top of our WEB explanation of major product lines, the trade show provides potential customers with opportunities to examine the actual products physically. I have firmly noticed importance of product display. Next time we will display the test equipment and will demonstrate moving bellows. It will be of additional help to understand superiority of Mitsumoto bellows."

Interviewed on July 3, 2013