Event :(Nov. 6) MOBIO Cafe Meeting by "Neyagawa City Companies"

In front of the display booths, the exhibitors make product presentation twice a month.They will explain technology by showing actual products and reply to any questions.


◆◇ Event information ( in the MOBIO Technology Hall ) ◆◇

Date : Nov. 6 (Wed) PM 6:00 - PM 8:00
Admission : Free (Costing JPY1,000 to join a party )
Contact Information : 1-4-17, Aramoto Kita, Higashi Osaka City, Osaka, 577-0011 Japan
Tel. +81-6-6748-1011

Presented by 10 companies from Neyagawa City Special Exhibition

●Kashihara Gear Works Co., LTD. : Planetary gear for speed reducer

●Taisei Kogyo Co., Ltd.:World's smallest MIM application

●Kiyomitsu Inc. : Soft jaw easy positioning jigs

●Iwamoto Model Seisakusyo Co., Ltd. : From prototype to mass production

●Mina Corporation : Smartphone case design

Morishita Co., Ltd. : Global supply chain management of fasters

●Hayashi Giken Industrial Co., Ltd. : Capacitance type thickness meters

●Fuji Package Co., Ltd. : Original package development

Dent Care Co., Ltd. : Oral care products

Y's Factory Inc. : Packing bags