Event: "Go for the New Business: Healthcare and Medical market" Exhibition

MOBIO exhibitors are aggressively developing new business in healthcare and medical market as a new field. From May 19 in the MOBIO Tech Hall, MOBIO exhibitors started to display products relating to healthcare and medical market only at the special corner.

Period: From May 19 through June 29, 2017


SATOSEN CO., LTD. / Stretchable PCB for Wearbale Electronics

MICRO VEHICLE LAB.,LTD / Customized lithium battery power source

TAISEI MONAC CO., LTD. / Training model for medical purpose



KONISHI METAL MOLD ENGINEERING ,LTD. / Mold for weight saving CFRP parts

TENKING CO., LTD. / Precision machined parts

ARICE CO., LTD. / Visualized prototype model


On June 13, exhibitors will explain their technologies at MOBIO Cafe Meeting from 18:00.

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