Event :(Oct.7) MOBIO Cafe Meeting, presented by companies from Fukushima pref. and Tsuyama city

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In front of the display booths, the exhibitors make product presentation twice a month.They will explain technology by showing actual products and reply to any questions.

In October companies from two market run the special exhibition in the Tech Hall, Fukushima pref. companies and Tsuyama city companies.

On October 7, exhibitors explain their technologies and fabricating expertise in front of their booths.

◆◇Event information ( at MOBIO Permanent Exhibition Hall )◆◇

Date : Oct.7 (Fri) PM 7:00 - PM 9:30
Admission : Free (Costing JPY1,000 to join a party )
Contact Information : 1-4-17, Aramoto Kita, Higashi Osaka City, Osaka, 577-0011 Japan
Tel. +81-6-6748-1011

Presented by

* Fukushima pref.

1) Aizu Kojyo Co., Ltd.: Horizontally controlled pouring process casting

2) Akatsuki Seiki Co., Ltd.: Precision machined parts

3) Tamagawa Engineering Co.,Ltd.: Tabletop IH equipment

4) MicroArts Corporation: ERP package development

5) SunBright Co., Ltd.: Semiconductor fabrication equipment components

6) Juki Aizu Corp.: Lost wax casting and Metalic power injection molding

7) Hayashi Seiki Seizo Co., Ltd.: Precision component

*Tsuyama city

1) Aida MechaSystem Co., Ltd.: Labor saving equipment
2) IS Corporation: Stainless steel plate fabrication
3) Ikeda Precision Industries co., Ltd.: Stainless steel plate fabrication
4) Ikoma Robotech Corporation: Peripheral equipment for industrial robot
5) Uehara Corporation: Stainless steel joints
6) STec Co., Ltd.: Stainless steel plate fabrication
7) Kobayashi Metal Works: Stainless steel plate fabrication
8) Saitoh Metal Works: Stainless steel plate fabrication
9) Sakata Electric Corporation: Labor saving equipment
10) Nakamura Industrial Company: Machined parts
11) Biken Corporation: Metal buffing and fabrication
12) Yamaichi Works: Machined parts