Event : (Apr. 12) MOBIO Cafe Meeting by Three Exhibitors

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Metallic color sealant, Speed reduction and power enhancement and Shaving of metal and cost were explained on April 12 at MOBIO Cafe Meeting. Read on from here!


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In front of the display booths, the exhibitors make product presentation twice a month.They will explain technology by showing actual products and reply to any questions.


◆◇ Event information ( at MOBIO Permanent Exhibition Hall )◆◇

Date : Apr. 12 (Tue) PM 6:00 - PM 8:00
Admission : Free (Costing JPY1,000 to join a party )
Contact Information : 1-4-17, Aramoto Kita, Higashi Osaka City, Osaka, 577-0011 Japan
Tel. +81-6-6748-1011



To be presented by three exhibitrors

Cemented carbide cutting tools: SOLID TOOL CO., LTD.


Rotary stockers (vertical rotary storage): MAKISHINKO CO., LTD.