March Special Exhibition: New Disaster Goods Exhibition

Twelve companies display their new products at the MOBIO Tech Hall, recommended by the Osaka local government and the Osaka city hall. Visit MOBIO and find out latest technologies to prepare for emergency.


◆◇ New Disaster Goods ◆◇

1. ISAAC CO., LTD: Earthquake early warning system
2. ADF CO., LTD.: Storage box
3. ECO FUTURE CO., LTD.: LED display
4. KISHO CO., LTD.: Rescure stretcher
5. KURILON CHEMICALS CO., LTD.: Contingency excreta treatment system
6. CODOMO ENERGY CO., LTD.: Evacuation guide sign
7. JTOP CO., LTD.: Portable water purification system
8. TSUKUSHI CRAFTS CO., LTD.: Emergency guide panel powered by LED
9. NEST JAPAN CO., LTD.: Two-in- One life jacket
10. NOMURA FOUR C'S CO., LTD.: Waterstop board made of CFRP
11. HATSUTA SEISAKUSHO CO., LTD.: Fire extinguisher
12. MATSUMORA INDUSTRY CO., LTD.: Chain stairs for evacuation to higher elevations