Product line

「Nagomu」 series of home care beds

Medical treatment and facility beds

LIKO ceiling/floor lifts

Description of business

Seahonence is engaged in the manufacture and sale of electrically powered beds for medical institutions and assisted living facilities and electrically powered beds for in-home care, as well as the sale of patient lifters. More than just simply selling merchandise, a feature of the company is that it listens to the opinions of people at hospitals and nursing care facilities, and then proposes products accordingly. The company is committed to the research and development of products that help achieve an environment which is not only comfortable but which also takes safety and hygiene into consideration for both the patients requiring care as well as the workers who provide such care. Furthermore, through the provision of products that prioritize assistive functionality, the company is contributing to development of a society where people can live healthy and safe lives, by facilitating recuperating patients to recover from illness quickly (recovery and self-reliance) and by improving the ADL of the elderly (extending their healthy life expectancy) and preventing their need for geriatric care.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
Person in charge

Business Strategy Office / Chief

Atsushi Kubota
3-10-17 Fukaekita Higashinari-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, 537-0001, Japan
Tadatsugu Masumoto
Founded / Established
1937 / 1957
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98,000,000 yen
Major account
National hospital organizations, university hospitals, governmental/public hospitals, general hospitals, long-term care health facilities, long-term care welfare facilities, homes for the elderly, medical equipment distributors, medical instrumentation stores, stores that handle nursing care items
Overseas facility


■Osaka Showroom and Distribution Center
■Tokyo Office, Distribution Center, and Showroom
■Nagoya Office and Showroom
■Sendai Office and Showroom
■Kyushu Office, Distribution Center, and Showroom