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Product line

Stainless steel foil :Highly versatile, wide range of uses

Titanium foil   :Highly corrosive and suitable for medical devices

Magnesium foil  :SDGs material, high anti-vibration properties, suitable for medical devices


Yoshio Komuro

Description of business

As a manufacturer of rolled foils of various metals, RIKAZAI provides integrated support from material procurement to secondary processing.
RIKAZAI can produce small quantities of products according to customer needs. Additionally, it processes supplied materials, including new materials, and can roll materials down to 0.001 mm depending on the material.

Products and Technologies

Proficient in a wide variety of metal properties to manufacture ultra-thin foils

The challenge of thinness! There are so many applications for this.

●Foil Applications

(1) Titanium-based
____:Next-generation batteries, Electron gun shields, Skull fixation plates, etc.
(2) Aluminum-based
____:Next-generation batteries, Diaphragms for speakers/headphones, Heat sinks, Brazing materials, etc.
(3) Iron/Stainless Steel-based
____:Spacers, Gap gages, Reference plates, Strain gages, Diaphragm pumps, etc.
(4) Nickel/Cobalt-based
____:Strain gages, Diaphragms, Thermocouples, Heat shields around engines, etc.
(5) Copper-based
____:Lithium batteries, Printed circuit board inspection equipment, Reference plates for measuring instruments, etc.
(6) Magnesium-based
____:Next-generation batteries, Electromagnetic shielding, Industrial/medical equipment R&D, etc.
(7) Niobium-Titanium
____:Wiring materials for quantum computers, Electromagnetic shielding, etc.

●Rollable materials

RIKAZAI can roll a wide range of materials, including the following. Other materials are also supported to roll upon request.

Possible to do! Cold Rolling of Magnesium

Manufacturing process for 0.002 mm foil has been established, and further challenge for 0.001 mm foil is underway.

EBSD image of intermediate material

●Theoretically proven rolling method

Pictured is an EBSD (Electron Back Scattered Diffraction Pattern) image of an intermediate material made from an ingot (10mm thickness) by warm rolling.
It was confirmed the red area(<0001>) as the basal slip, that is related for deformation at room temperature, have gathered on the rolling surface(Z). This result was theoretically substantiated.

Crystal structure of magnesium

●Magnesium foil manufacturing

It is known that Magnesium is difficult for deformation due to limitation of slip system by Hexagonal Close-Packed lattice, especially non-basal slip is difficult to occur at room temperature.
With the guidance of Professor Miura, Hokkaido University, RIKAZAI has established a process for producing 0.002 mm foil by refining a cold-rollable intermediate material from ingots.
Currently, RIKAZAI is verifying the production of a 0.001 mm foil as a next step.

High-precision manual work by skilled workers


Rolling scene

●Rolling load suitable for requirements

There are many requests to RIKAZAI for R&D applications, and the rolling requirements for materials and foil thicknesses vary. At the company, skilled workers use their experience and knowledge to adjust the rolling load for each pass to suit the requirements, taking into consideration the characteristics of the material. The two-person team, a sender and a receiver, performs the manual operation using a two-stage rolling mill.

Small-lot foil rolling is possible due to the manual process. For the tolerance, RIKAZAI can accommodate ±10% as the standard thickness, and can adapt less requirements.

Automatic cut-off machine

●Precise foil cutting and secondary processing on request

The thinner the rolled foil is, the more difficult it is to handle, as it can tear or wrinkle at the slightest touch. The foil is cut by hand, one sheet at a time, using a cutting machine. Previously, cutting operations were performed with a foot-pedal machine, but the introduction of an automatic machine has enabled more precise and quicker operations.

For secondary processing, RIKAZAI has established an elaborate network with partner companies that enables etching and laser processing, etc.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
1810-7 Shimonumabe, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki-city, 211-0011, Japan
Yoshio Komuro
Founded / Established
1947 / 1947
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20,000,000 yen
Awards received
ISO 14001 Certified
NCAGE code : JB405