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Product line

Parts for automobiles, railroad cars and industrial robots

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, water pipe joint components and prototype production

Jig and mold fabrication, 2D and 3D data generation


Akihiro Takeya

Description of business

TAKEYA TECH excels in 3D machining and multi-tasking lathe machining of various materials, including difficult-to-machine materials, as well as manual bending and re-distortion processing that is impossible with machining.
It can handle everything from material procurement, sheet metal stamping, and subassembly processing to product completion by making full use of its extensive network.

Products and Technologies

TAKEYA TECH's Strengths 1

Breaking through stereotypes! Originality and Ingenuity in Manufacturing

Machining by 5-axis horizontal machining center

●Simultaneous machining of spur gears (including positioning)

*Material:S45C (after tempering)
*Shape:Spur gear (O.D. 308φ, Number of teeth 75)
*Machining accuracy:100 min.
*Machining time:Approx. 8 hours with 5-axis horizontal machining center

Accumulation of technology to machine even difficult-to-machine materials

●The ability to think out of the box by young staff who have inherited technology

*TAKEYA will first take on the challenge of meeting the needs of difficult-to-machine materials, high precision, and complex and difficult-to-machine shapes!
*With over 40 years of mold manufacturing experience, it is able to apply this expertise to the current metalworking industry.
*Possible to achieve continuous business by taking on the challenge of machining without fear, even in industries that require higher precision!

TAKEYA TECH's Strengths 2

Any material can be processed, from prototypes to mass production.

Jig production

●TAKEYA TECH can do this

*Processing materials: SUS, AL, iron (castings and forgings), copper, brass, resin, Hastelloy, surface-treated steel plate, etc.
*Processing: Metal machining, resin cutting, stamping, jig fabrication, die fabrication, and machinery and equipment assembly
*Network with partner companies: Sheet metal, surface treatment (painting, polishing, plating, etc.), assembly, etc.

Prototype machining

*Processing volume, etc.: Prototypes, single pieces to mass production
*Processing dimensions: From ultrafine processing to large cavity manufacturing.
 Lathe machining: average φ300, 350L, machining: average □500, max. 2000L
(please consult with us for other types of machining)
*Other machining work can be done by subcontractors.

TAKEYA TECH's Strengths 3

From material procurement to finished product assembly, QCD is supported.

Inside the main factory

●Processing technology and stable quality that does not fail the customer's trust

*Materials can be supplied or procured. Possible to provide mill sheets.
*Balanced machining equipment and inspection/measurement facilities for in-house completion.
* Complete production and process control is conducted at two plants adjacent to the main plant.
*Optimal technology, reasonable prices, and on-time delivery.

2D and 3D data generation

●TAKEYA TECH's Strengths Plus One: 2D and 3D Data Generation

*Want to make prototypes and samples in 3D, but can't create data.
*Purchased a 3D printer but can't generate data.
*Take too long to generate 2D CAD/CAM.
*Want to convert old hand-drawn drawings into 2D/3D data.

TEKEYA can solve these problems.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
Tsukuda 6-6-11, Nishiyodogawa ku, Osaka city, 555-0001, Japan
Akihiro Takeya
Founded / Established
1968 / 1998
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10,000,000 yen
Awards received
ISO 9001 and 14001 certification