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Shinji Taniguchi

Description of business

TANIGUCHI SEAL PRINTING is a printing company established in 1976 and specializing in seals and labels. Due to its integrated manufacturing system, from proposal to printing to processing to inspection, TANIGUCHI responds promptly to orders for a wide variety of products. As a result it won prizes in Japan’s and the world’s label contests.
TANIGUCHI also manufactures labels certified by UL/CUL safety standards for export to the US and Canada.

Products and Technologies

POP labels and 3D labels with adhesive deactivation

Manufacture of POP labels and other special labels by printing of silicone varnish to partially inactivate the adhesive

●Competitive price even for small orders

Labels with adhesive deactivation only where unwanted, rather than across the entire surface, can be pasted so as to stand out against a background.
This processing is performed using an intermittent machine in one pass with printing, which makes possible quick delivery at a competitive cost even for small orders.

●Expanding the use of labels with new ideas

The flexible technology of adhesive deactivation applies not only to POP labels but also to 3D labels, pick-off portions for easy peeling, etc.; thus, its technology expands label applications.

Slitting and label transfer

Winding and slitting to desired width for automatic pasting machines may contribute to easy peeling in label transfer

●Just as specified

In case of hand pasting, sheeting is performed, while full blanking is performed for distribution, and wind-up is performed for automatic pasting.

On the other hand, with a slitter, materials are slit to desired width and wound up in desired rolls at desired quantity.

●Peeling made easy

With automatic pasting, the separator is placed at a sharp angle to extract the label tip and paste it onto a product.

Label transfer is recommended for smooth and easy pasting.
During slitting, labels are once peeled off, and the separator is looped to facilitate peeling and prevent troubles in pasting.

Equipment for variable data printing and variable image inspection

●Different information on each label

Printing different information on each label, such as no-rings and QR codes, is done in one pass at the same time as printing.
Not only continuous information, but also sequential information entered in Excel can be printed in sequence.

●Small contaminants and debris also inspected

In addition to conventional inspection of label finishes, variable printing data (number rings, QR codes, etc.) can be confirmed as well.
TANIGUCHI has introduced image inspection equipment to verify variable information, but also to check for small contaminants, debris, etc.

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Shinji Taniguchi
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