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Tool straps

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Shouichi Tsujimura

Description of business

As a specialist of synthetic resins, Mind understands the nature of resins inside and out. They use this knowledge to develop better products and bring them to market. Working to be a distinctive company that provides assistance to customers, their business operations cover everything from studies on the workplace environment to producing product lines to enhance the added value of materials.

Products and Technologies

Elastic Urethane Coils

Elastic Coils in a Range of Industries

Elastic Urethane Coils

Mind makes elastic coils, used for a wide range of applications, from a single length of urethane.
The coils can be made from thin or thick urethane, from short or long sections according to the intended application. To enhance the load-carrying capacity of the elastic coil, a wire or Kepler fiber can be inserted in the urethane.

Today’s applications of elastic coils include such familiar objects as cell phone straps, safety straps for tools, key chains, medical apron straps, surfboard leashes, underwater camera straps, helmet straps and pen straps.

Mind selects the materials and pigments when producing their elastic coils and can adjust the color and hardness to meet customer specifications.

The quality of their products is also superior as they have developed special equipment for use on their production line.


Mind creates bracelets from ceramics that generate negative ions when stationary at room temperature.

Ceramics continuously emit minute quantities of radiation that react with water molecules in the air to create negative ions.
As living organisms are equipped with a biological mechanism that reacts appropriately with the moderate level of radiation found in everyday life, the minute quantity of radiation from ceramics stimulates that biological defensive mechanism, bringing beneficial effects.

This is called the hormetic effect, a phenomenon also observed in areas with hot springs

Special Printing

Mind provides printing services combining traditional dyeing techniques with advanced films, computers and networks.
They print on many different materials such as leather and fibers whether natural or synthetic. Everything from photographs and complex multi-colored patterns to hand-drawn and computer-generated graphics can be printed.

Unlike printing that uses pigments, the inks that Mind uses penetrate the material for a superior color fastness that resists even rubbing.

The process is inexpensive even for small-lot printing jobs.
Mind welcomes no-obligation inquiries.

Corporate Profile

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6-7-35 Wakae-Higashi-Machi, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka, 578-0935, Japan
Shouichi Tsujimura
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1984 / 1990
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