Posted : Mar 29, 24

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Visitors from Uzbekistan, a country located in Central Asia, were able to see the amazing skills of Osaka at the MOBIO Tech Hall

At the MOBIO Tech Hall, visitors can discover amazing technology. Many people come to MOBIO from all over the world to learn about Japan's and Osaka's amazing technology.

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Uzbekistan locates in Central Asia and 6200 KM away from Japan, 12 hours by plane. Visitors from the country were amazed by the excellent workmanship of the Osaka SMEs. After learing about various measures by Osaka local government to support manufacturing businesses, they came down to the Tech Hall. Putting a sticker on the map and saying, "We came from here," they began the hall tour.

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"Is this a magnet? That's probably why the screws don't fall out?" was a comment seeing a box driver made by SANKI MFG INC. The tour guide said "No, not by that mechanism." Tightening the screw by themelves and noticing screws didn't fall off, they learned that the special hexagonal hole processing techs by the OSAKA SME prevents even resin screws from falling out. 


Come see Osaka's superior technologies, products and parts at the MOBIO Tech Hall. It's a fun!

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