Posted : Mar 18, 24

Category : Company

Foam does not hurt when it hits. So many more applications are possible! Samples are displayed at the Special Exhibit Space by JOUNAN

There is a Special Exhibit at MOBIO Tech Hall where exhibitors introduce "featured" products. This month, numerous foam products were showcased, including items ideal for sports, for cats that are too large to be displayed in the regular booth by JOUNAN

For a detailed explanation of the exhibit, watch this video.


P1280543.JPG P1280547.JPG P1280544.JPGP1280551.JPG P1280550.JPG

*Cat Sofa "Neko Nabe": Relaxing cat sofa made of deodorizing sponge with natural needle leaf powder. Sheet type and assembled type are also available.

*Sports Applications: "Absoliute Stopping Block" for practise of vally ball blocking, "Painless Hurdle" that doesn't hurt when a runner's foot hits it during running practice.

*Crocodile cushion for children to sit on and play with


Delivery cushions, L-shaped cushions, etc. are displayed at the regular exhibition booth.