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Meet the President #99: The world's only 50-meter shaftless screw conveyor designed to withstand being exposed to heat / SHINKO KOGYO INC.

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-Shaftless screw conveyors

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Shaftless screwconveyors manufactured by SHINKO are used in sewage treatment plants, industrial wastewater treatment facilities, paper mills, incineration plants, etc,


●No shaft, so objects to be transported do not become entangled in the shaft

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A screw conveyor is a system that conveys materials by passing a shaft through a trough (U-shaped groove) or pipe, attaching blades to the shaft in a spiral shape, and rotating the shaft. And the screw conveyors manufactured by SHINKO do not have a shaft.

Goto says "The difference between a screw conveyor 'with shaft' and 'without shaft' is that in the without shaft type the material to be conveyed does not get entangled in the shaft".

The multiple disadvantages of a shaft type have been eliminated at a shaftless type. Because the SHINKO's shaftless screwconveyor does not require intermediate bearings, it is possible to transport in stable long-distance. Moreover the screw has a low noise level due to low screw rotation.


●Prototyping is vital to developing error-free products

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SHINKO was the first company in Japan to take on the challenge of developing a screwless conveyor with a higher quality and more reliable type compared to foreign-made shaftless conveyors by welding on each individual piece at its Japanese factory.

SHINKO always conducts physical inspections as a crucial step in ensuring product quality assurance. It borrows sludge or industrial waste to transport and leaves the prototype machine running for a week. If the machine runs without any problems, it passes the test as a product. As a result the company's screwless conveyor has not failed in the past eight years. The company boasts a complaint rate of 0.006%. images.jpg

"Recently there has been a growing demand for biomass equipment," says Goto. "The conveyor has to transport materials up to a maximum temperature of 800°C, which is impossible for humans. SHINKO has successfully developed a 50m screw conveyor capable of withstanding the heat, the unique product that is unparalleled worldwide." Goto is confident that the applications of the shaftless screw conveyor are virtually limitless, and continues to challenge the market for further expansion.


Interviewed on December 19, 2023


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