Posted : Oct 23, 23

Category : Company / Event

MOBIO Tech Hall continues to draw visitors who want to learn about Japan's, and Osaka's, amazing technology by SMEs

Many people come to the MOBIO Tech Hall from all over the world to learn about the amazing Made in Japan Technology. Pictures show an example of explanation at the booth:


*NAKANO MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.: A Taiwanese company members are looking at the waterjet parts washer " Komachi", a small parts washer that is effective in removing various types of contaminants from metal surfaces.

IMG_7522 (2).jpeg ns7.jpg

*FUJI ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY CO., LTD. : An Indian company members are listening to an explanation of high-frequency induction heating equipment and its Eco-friendly hardening technology.

IMG_7590rv.jpeg img_list_01_06.jpg


MOBIO Tech Hall can also be used for training. Please book in advance for group tour in Japanese.