Posted : Dec 12, 22

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"I see, that's the link between Osaka and Nara company" / Delegation from Nara Prefecture were interested in the collaboration of exhibiting companies and Nara companies

Visitors can discover "Amazing Made in Japan Tech" at the MOBIO Tech Hall.

Small and medium-sized business associations from Nara Prefecture have notices the connection between Osaka Prefecture companies and Nara Prefecture companies.

20221208 nara sme.JPG 20221208 seal.JPG

L) MOBIO asked visitors to remove their masks only at group photo shooting

R) The tour began with putting a sticker on a map


*TAKAZAWA MFG CO., LTD., Fishing boat equipment, Seal sterns
*RIKEN KEIKI NARA Mfg.CO., LTD., Press Monitoring Device, Press Slug Detector

IMG_6096.JPG 20221208 rikenkeiki 3.jpg

L) Takazawa

R) Riken Keiki Nara


The MOBIO Tech Hall can also be used for corporate training.

To apply for a visit, please visit and enter in Japanese