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Meet the President #89: Competing with the quality and responsiveness! Convenient service is available because products are "Made in Japan" / MIND CORPORATION

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors started "INNOVATION and CHALLENGE" through the special interview. The latest "Meet the President" article is Mr. Tsujimura of MIND CORPORATION.




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- Curl cord, Spring cord, Elastic cord


Today, with the rapid increase in the number of mobile devices and the increased use of tools outdoors and in high places, it is essential that "important items" be "easy to use," "not lost," and "not dropped. MIND's thin, long, lightweight, and stretchable "Curl Cord" is an accessory developed and manufactured to meet these needs. President Tsujimura, with a "flexible" spring-like mindset, is striving for manufacturing that is possible only because it is made in Japan. Moreover, the company is able to develop and manufacture high quality custom-made products in small lots of various types.


●Patented manufacturing equipment enables production of multi-size curl cords

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The company's proprietary curl cord manufacturing equipment has been patented. It is capable of making thin to thick cords, as well as long cords. It saves operation time and labor, and manufactures much faster than normal operation.


●Tackling the endless possibilities of curl cords, which are needed in many different places

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Tsujimura is now envisioning "a curl cord that will never be cut". "I know that there is a considerable amount of theft at department stores. If we could really create a unbreakable curl cord, it would be an epoch-making product. MIND has not yet achieved this goal, but would like to take on this challenge as a major goal for the future," Tsujimura says enthusiastically.



Interviewed on September 26, 2022


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