Posted : Jan 28, 22

Category : Event

A company can "make it" right! AKITSU talked to MOBIO BACKUPS

MOBIO hosts an internet meetup, Web Cafe Meeting, by MOBIO BACKUPS with a guest exhibitor in Japanese. They are chatting and thinking on "ways for easy-to-understand communication".




MOBIO BACKUPS: (See details of MOBIO BACKUPS from this Link)


Shaving rubber! Shaving resin too... That's AKITSU. The company is manufacturing parts and components and has a Marketing Promotion Department. BACKUPS asked its activities and then suggested various advices on how to improve the content of communication, such as:


This company can "make it" right...To promote the company name, Akitsu

Thin rubber and light tea...Make it easy to understand the business in stand-up comedy style

Complimentary coins... For tools to work with sales staff

...and on and on AKITSU nad BAKCUPS casually exchanged ideas.


Enjoy an executive summary VIDEO.


Click here to view a full version VIDEO to know details.


Visit MOBIO to find out shaved parts by AKITSU at its booth on the first floor of the Tech Hall.


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