Posted : Apr 01, 21

Category : Event

MOBIO Backups to interview Exhibitors in the MOBIO Tech Hall

MOBIO BACKUPS is organized by designers, displaying their work on the 2nd floor of the MOBIO Tech Hall. Please feel free to consult with BACKUPS about website and how to appeal to the customers at exhibitions and trade shows. They will propose new contents and methods of transmission from various angles that leads to the solution of marketing and sales promotion issues, as well as the output of design and catch phrase.

At MOBIO BACKUPS Chan, they feel free to talk with manufacturing companies and suggest ways to appeal to them from a new perspective.


●MACKUPS members to interview SMEs

1) Parabola.Design Spacial architect

2) OFFICE NAKAJIMA INC. Advertisement production

3) YUKI COMPANY INC. Website design

4) FAYCOM INC. Branding of companies and businesses