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【Meet the President #71】Fold stainless steel like "origami" to form various shapes

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors started "INNOVATION and CHALLENGE" through the special interview. The latest "Meet the President" article is Mr. Ogawa of O.F. INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.


- Cold roll forming products


●Unique deformation processing (folding) technologies

In order to fold a stainless steel pipe or plate like origami to various shapes, O.F. has developed and uses its exclusive system, a drawing bench (roll drawing-type) in stead of a forming machine (roll extrusion-type).

And it is possible to form long-length objects up to 12 meters even at complex shape. katakou03.jpg

In addition, the company added cold roll rolling technology to the drawing bench system, and formed a 6 mm thickness plate into a plate with a partial thickness of 4.5 mm. 


●The secret of responding to individual needs is accumulated die manufacturing technology

o-f3.jpg o-f6.jpg

All the dies required for forming are designed and manufactured in-house, and the number of molding dies exceeded 1000 types. Even after trial forming, workers immediately review the molded product and adjust he die several times.

In addition to standard plates and pipes, O.F. makes exclusive products starting from product and die drawing to fit to individual requests and also supports small lot production run.


●Promote the company's technology by expanding the business framework

Mr. Ogawa said "No matter how much technology O.F. has, it won't be understood by others unless O.F. has a marketing person who can talk and promote it."

And he contitued "Unlike architecturebusiness field, we struggled to meet the tight tolerance requirement in the begining. But I made up my mind to let spread our special technologies to new fields."

Material change to stainless steel: Aluminum rail parts are easily worn
Mechanical field: Various shapes in small lots are required

o-f8.jpg slide_05.jpg

Therefore, he said to his staff "If you are interested in the field, you should go to that market and learn. If it is unpleasant, do not go to the field and learn by other methods."

As a result, the company's marketing staff acquired the technical knowledge, such as to estimate required number of metal dies, to calculate the section modulus by studying the drawings on top of the ability to propose better processing methods.


Interviewed on February 12, 2020

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