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Let designers' dream come true by remaining loyal to advanced five-axis machining technology / Interview of "Meet the President" #62

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors started "INNOVATION and CHALLENGE" through the special interview.

The latest "Meet the President" article is Mr. Inoue of INOUE MOKEI WORKS LTD.

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- Parts manufacturing in small lots, prototypes and working models production


●Three basic factors to create advanced technologies: Experienced operators, latest five axis MC machine, education of young operators

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INOUE has many experienced engineers, 30 CAD/CAM machines with 13 operators and positive educational program for young workers. Utilizing those corporate strength, INOUE produces various prototype models, such as parts for a rocket, an electric vehicle and an artifical heart, requiring highly processing technology. INOUE has a track record to have dealt with large companies directly.

Inoue says "We firmly believe our corporate role is to let product designers's dream come true. That's why INOUE is capable to design process flow to actual production as an integrated system." Now INOUE works as a partner of new product development.


●Challenge to improve an operational flow and new system to share engineering skills by reviewing past process flow

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When Inoue took CEO assignment five years ago, he has established several new project; a corporate improvement committee, a quality improvement committee, a safety committee and a team to receive ISO9001. And he has started operational reforms to have installed a server in the company to acculate and share a quotation, an order taking, an operational flow amoung company staff.

He says, "As a CEO I have tried to pay attention to whatever customers appreciated our engineering expertise and tried to further improve our strength. Respong to market changes we must update operational flow and QC system, and improve HR training program to set up a new organization."


●Targeting to form a company to let designers' dream come true

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When Inoue's initial changes have been in order, he is focusing to human resource development.

Inoue says, "Our ultimate goal is to become the best partner for lots of companies and designers in the industry by making their dreams come true. For that, I believe, it is more important to assist HR development from the corporate point of view, considering global standard of technology coninuously." Inoue is expecting further growth.

Interviewed on September 5, 2018

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