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Dec. 14 MOBIO Cafe Meeting / Y-decl(I can do it), Flame Bond(surface treatment), Stamping Machine Control Device

Three exhibitors explained their latest technologies at MOBIO Cafe Meeting on December 14.

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・Manufacturing management tools Y-decl:YAMADA MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.

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Derived from core business - stamping cavities,Yamada has developed manufacturing management tools, called "Y-decl". To meet the needs on the site several items are available. 1) The management board: When the day is over the specific day plate is to be removed to the last slit for confirming jobs to do next among workers. 2) Choku repo (direct report): Customers update manufacturing status of their order at Yamada via WEB. 3) Parfet note: Operators use the note to recored jobs and to exchange individual status with managers.


・Surface treatment system to appress hard-to-gluematerials (Avilable only in Japan): SOFT99 corporation

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By using "Flame Bond" it is possible to foam thin film superior in adhesiveness on hard-to glue materials such as plastics, metals, woody materials and etc.


・Monitor stamping errors, staming loads: RIKEN KEIKI NARA Mfg.CO., LTD.

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Nara has introduced new models to be used for both C type and wall type of high speed stamping(4000 spm) to detect changes from 0.1μ. 1) A stamping load monitoring device measures loads, load center, eccentric load and etc. by comparing to preset upper limit and lower limite values and halt stamping. 2) A miss detection device detects disconnection of ray material, jamming of raw material and discharge of stamped parts in automatic production of press stamping line.


In and off the Tech Hall discussion, participants stepped in another business stage.

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The next MOBIO Cafe Meeting is schedule on January 15 by "Challenge For The Future by MOBIO Tenants" exhibitors. Drop by MOBIO to meet start-up companies and study their technologies.

Date: January 15 (Mon) 18:00 though 20:00

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