Posted : Dec 10, 15

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Presentation by 13 Okayama Companies / MOBIO Cafe Meeting on Dec. 4

MOBIO Cafe Meeting on December 4 was technology explanation by 13 companies from Okayama prefecture. In December MOBIO Tech. Hall is running "Okayama Mfrs. Exhibition" till December 25.
<Meeting Room Presentation>

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●TAZMO CO.,LTD.: Dispersion-type Inorganic EL

They have developed the paper thin films ranging from A5 size to A2 as SKUs and will meet unique sizes as needed.

●MINORI INDUSTRY CO., LTD.: Flexible and sound insulation sheet

Their portable and foldable sheet unit, MINORI SILENCER, is capable to reduce generator noise up to 50%.

●OHNIT CO.,LTD.: Ozone generator

Their ozone generator works even at high humidity and has high endurance to supply ozone continuously.

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<MOBIO Tech. Hall Presentation and Discussion>

By reviewing the products, exhibitors and participant studied possible collaboration.

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In-house operation from mold production, casting to finish processing.

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●MINORI INDUSTRY CO., LTD.: Flexible and sound insulation sheet

Application of interior sound absorption technology for automobiles to noise reduction at construction site.

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●PATEDISON CO., LTD.: Snow melting material

Its material works to reduce shoveling the snow off the roof.

DSCF0118 P1050067

●TAZMO CO.,LTD.: Dispersion-type Inorganic EL

It's flexible.

DSCF0129 P1050071


It allows the user to cross over a level difference of 6 cm by putting elbows on the unit.

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●OHNIT CO.,LTD.: Ozone generator

Its ultra compact generator is palm sized.

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●NIKKARI CO.,LTD.: MONORACK to transport on steep slopes, Cutting tool

It develops new farming devices from components.

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●NAKAHARA IRON WORKS CO.,LTD.: Industrial rubber mold

Its craftsman's skill produces precision parts production and complex grooving process.

DSCF0162 P1050040


Its microreactor is installed in a chemical reaction apparatus to develop new drugs at laboratories.

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●SHINKO MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.: Slicing of silicon wafers

Its exclusive machinery is possible to slice materials to less than 45 micron thickness, thinner than a hair.

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●ZENO TOOLS CO., LTD.: Carbide cutting tools

Its main business is to manufacture cutting tools, cutting blades and grinding blades.

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It is specialized in manufacturing marine components and water joint fittings.

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●OSAKADA TOOL CORP.: Flux scaling chisel

It offers a full line of industrial chisels, including flux scaling chisel, chisel hydraulic breaker and etc.

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<Off the Tech Hall Meeting>
Frank discussion continued overtime and the meeting finished with smiles of the participants.

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Upcoming meeting is on December 22 by three exhibitors:

1) SHINKO KOGYO INC. -- Shaftless screw conveyors

2) KAWAKAMI WORKS CORPORATION -- Friction pressure welding

3) SATOSEN CO., LTD. -- Industrial use printed circuit boards

Read on for details and register participation in advance from here!