Posted : Apr 23, 15

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Eliminating odor, Anti-fogging window, Repolished insert tips/Apr. 22 MOBIO Cafe Meeting

MOBIO Café Meeting is an interactive session. It offers opportunities to participants to ask any questions freely just as was the case at April 22 meeting. Whenever technology was explained by the exhibitors, a lot of suggestions were mentioned by the participants: "It may be used for this purpose" or "It would be improved by this way." Discussion continued at a canteen session.

20150422 MCM 017 20150422 MCM 027

1) Functional WASABI, not only for Sushi but for deodorization

PRD CO., LTD. (Read on to find details)

DSC_9043 DSC_9053
By impregnating an active ingredient of wasabi into micro-capsules, PRD has developed material platform to be effective for mildew-proofing and deodorization. Because wasabi (Allyimustard oil AITC) works very effectively to reacts to the odorous components and changes to an odorless component, one of the target market is relating to deodorization. They are looking for OEM customer by providing the sample model, Wasap, that works for a few days when it is stored in boots or a garbage bag.

2) Anti-fog window, always clear view

SAKAGUCHI BUNKADOU CO., LTD. (Read on to find details)

DSC_9058 DSC_9060

Even at -70C in the freezer, a coelacanth (a live archaic fish) must be visible in an aquarium room through a glass window. SAKAGUCHI's heat glass is used under such condition and provide clear view for visitors without any frost. Producing an air space between reinforced glasses with conductive film coating,a desiccant and an adhesive, their heater glass series, KUMO RANNA, operate effectively to defog and has been widely used in Japan for thermo hygrostat chamber windows, residential windows and the road traffic signs at the expressway gate.

3) Repolished insert tips based on recycle system

NIKKEN TOOL CO., LTD (Read on to find details)

20150422 MCM 024 DSC_9078

For NIKKEN, grooving inserts are not throw away items, but are reusable items based on recycle system by installing collection boxes at customers site. Their marketing teams visit factories to pick up used tips and transfer them to the factory's polishing section as a proposal base marketing service to let customers save tip cost, reviewing better materials and studying suitable tip shape for specific operation.

Other than recycle business, they provide customers with new tips at various shapes, materials such as cermets, poly crystallized diamonds, CBN and other advanced materials.

Coming up the next MOBIO Cafe Meeting
Date: May 20 from 18:00 in Kadoma (away from MOBIO)