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MEDIX report: How the team MOBIO approached to the Medical Market / Voices of Participants in the "Medical Device Development & Manufacturing Expo"

MOBIO is assisting "INNOVATION and CHALLENGE" by providing various services to SMEs.
As one of marketing assistance, in June 2014, MOBIO set up the joint booth at " Medical Device Development & Manufacturing Expo (MEDIX)" in Tokyo and the three exhibitors in the MOBIO technology hall participated in the joint booth. Since MEDIX attracted a great number of medical device manufacturers of syringes, thermometers, artificial organs, catheters, MRI systems, patient monitors, etc., there were lots of findings for three exhibitors on product needs, possible product application and other information collected directly from medical specialists.

The Team MOBIO

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Presentation to the visitors

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After the trade show MOBIO interviewed them about trade show. Their purpose was different and result was different. However all participants noticed a lot of findings. MOBIO sincerely hopes that interview articles may be of some help to your company management and operation.


Voices of Participants in the "Medical Device Development & Manufacturing Expo (MEDIX)"

1) MARUEMU WORKS CO., LTD. (read more about the corporate)

Practically learned feasibility of GUMMETAL in the medical market. Read a report.

2) MORITA SEISHINSHO CO. (read more about the corporate)

Swaging technology is the key to penetrate into the medical market. Read a report.

3) NARA SEIKO INC. (read more about the corporate)

Participating in the trade show creates valuable opportunities to step forward. Read a report.


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