Posted : Apr 15, 24

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Convenient for improving work efficiency! Screws won't fall off, screwdrivers won't drop screws / "Amazing Made in Japan Tech" by SANKI

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Even small screws do not fall off! SANKI manufactures screws and screwdrivers that enable efficient work by making full use of hexagonal hole machining, which is its specialty. Hexagonal hole sizes vary from 17 to 0.7mm. It can respond to a wide variety of requests from the industrial world by using various processing methods such as press, rotary broach, shaper, slotter, and electric discharge.

SANKI is known as a "hole-digging master" for its amazing skills.


View the VIDEO and visit the WEB site for details. 

Please use a magnifying glass to see the screws that do not fall off at the booth on the first floor of MOBIO Tech Hall.