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Meet the President #100: The 100th interview is with the president of a company known as the "hole-shaving master" in the industry / SANKI MFG., INC.

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors started "INNOVATION and CHALLENGE" through the special interview. The latest "Meet the President" article is

Mr. Miyake of SANKI MFG., INC.

-Hexagon socket machining, Hexagon socket head cap screws

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When Miyake became president, he realized that if the company continued to do business as usual, it would not be able to compete with larger companies. "I felt that we could not survive unless we did something new to increase our value," he says.


●Seek a unique path unlike any other and seize every opportunity

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L) Shaper process: right to left

R) Shaper processing

As the new president, Miyake attended trade shows to explore a new corporate direction, and became aware of the problems faced by companies. It turned out that standard screws alone were not enough to rationalize processes and improve product safety. He learned a need for special processing of hexagonal holes in terms of shape, length, and thin wall thickness.


As a result, the company introduced "rotary broaching," in which a hexagonal hole is machined while the material is rotated, and "shaper machining," in which the material is shaved one point at a time, as in the case of a planer, while the material is stopped.


●Not dropping it! What's going on here ?

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In addition to special hexagon socket head screws, another of the company's unique products is a screwdriver that does not drop bolts even when non-magnetic. This, too, was made possible by the shaper process. By shaving each side of the hexagon at an angle and tapering the back, the company has created a screwdriver that stops the bolt in place. Thanks to the fact that bolts no longer fall out, work efficiency is improved. Moreover, because the shaper process finishes the outer diameter with a thin wall thickness, it is now useful in many places, allowing small screws to be installed in tight spaces where wrenches and other screwdrivers cannot fit.

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Miyake's new direction as a president was an outstanding measure to avoid price competition for small and medium-sized enterprises. He is actively striving for corporate reform to be called "glad to have noticed SANKI" by companies struggling with tightening screws.


Interviewed on December 21, 2023


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