Posted : Jan 22, 24

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Ultra-thin foil! 0.001mm titanium foil and difficult magnesium foil production established! ! RIKAZAI has started a display of "Amazing Made in Japan Tech"

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The new exhibitor, RIKAZAI is known in the industry as "RIKAZAI is the go-to for thin foil" and produces high-quality, beautiful metal foils.



The beautiful high-quality metal foils processed by RIKAZAI are used in a wide range of fields, from next-generation vehicles to energy research, medical devices, consumer products, precision instruments, oceanography and space research.

Metal foil features...

*Unique precision rolling technology: Special tolerances of ±2% or less

*Rolled foils of various metals: Integrated support from material procurement to secondary processing

*Small-lot foil rolling is possible: Two-stage rolling with adjustable rolling load per pass to suit requirements

チタン 0.001mm箔 rv.jpg P1280322.JPG


RIKAZAI has realized the cold rolling of magnesium, which was considered difficult in the past. The process of producing magnesium foil by refining cold-rollable intermediate material from ingots has been established. The booth introduces the process flow in an easy-to-understand manner.

マグネシウム rv.JPG


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