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Meet the President #98: Profit is not a target, but a result / FUKUDA SEIKO CO.,LTD.

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors started "INNOVATION and CHALLENGE" through the special interview. The latest "Meet the President" article is

Mr. Iwasaki of FUKUDA SEIKO CO.,LTD.

-Special steel cutting tools, End mills and cutters, Heading dies for bolt heads

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●Core business is the machining of special steels such as HSS. Aiming to be the only one in the industry with its technology

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Today high accuracy, high quality, long tool life and lower machining costs are the user demands of high-speed cutting tools. Under the brand name of F.K.D. FUKUDA manufactures cutting tools and other products to satisfy users' demand. And the company offers a standard line of approximately 10,000 resharpenable HSS steel cutting tools to meet even more needs.
"HSS is a material with high hardness, wear resistance, and toughness. It is also easy to re-sharpen and is being re-evaluated in the industry as a material that is well compliant with the SDGs." says CEO Iwasaki.


●Maximize the power of words

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Such optimal tool manufacturing requires the ability of all employees to work together to promote the business. To this end, Iwasaki has taken the initiative to improve the corporate structure by expressing his thoughts aloud, in writing, and by sharing information.
He began by identifying the company's strengths and weaknesses and communicating them to employees. "What I tried to do was be honest and open. Share the good and the bad. Trust cannot be built where there is something to hide. Next is language. In addition to our management philosophy, we have a basic philosophy, a company motto, an internal training philosophy, and even keywords that serve as annual themes, as well as the basics of human discipline. I printed them out and posted them in the office and the cafeteria." said Iwasaki with a smile.


●The face in the mirror does not smile first. It all starts with you

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He said "Words move consciousness, but just saying them does not move anyone. If I don't take action by myself, our employees won't either. So, firstly I started to greet and talk to employees." Believing "when you are told to do something and when you do it on your own, both your own feelings and the impression you make on others will be completely different."
Iwasaki always hopes "Pursue distributor satisfaction before thinking about company sales, and the happiness of employees before thinking about business performance. From a company that thought of nothing but itself, we will become a company that thinks about customers. Then mutual happiness awaits us when we think of others."

With words, actions, and passion, Iwasaki has reformed the mindset of his employees and rebuilt the company to make the ONLY one company specializing in HSS tools. 


Interviewed on November 2, 2023


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