Posted : Nov 13, 23

Category : Company

Video: There's a way to increase work efficiency! Small screws that won't fall off and screwdrivers that won't drop small screws / SANKI showcased at MY DOME

Good news for companies having trouble with small screws falling out. SANKI manufactures screws and screwdrivers that enable efficient work by making full use of its specialty, hexagonal hole machining. SANKI explained its product line in the MOBIO booth annex, MY DOME OSAKA.



*Many applications to improve efficiency -> Various manufacturing industries such as semiconductor, communication equipment, industrial machinery, etc.
*Special products can be manufactured upon request -> Non-standard shapes, specially shaped screws, tamper-resistant, etc.
*Machining of difficult-to-process materials is possible -> Inconel, Hastelloy, SUS630, etc.
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