Posted : Apr 26, 23

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Injection molding companies, we have some good news for you. The only Super Lock manufacturer in Japan! / New exhibitor, AIYU-KI GIKEN CO., LTD..

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The new exhibitor, AIYU-KI, is the only company in Japan that designs and manufactures parting lock devices for injection molding dies. They are mold opening and closing controllers (product names: Do-Lock) and mold opening controllers (product names: Super Lock and Yuki Lock). The rollers rotate in a well-balanced manner using a locking (pulling) system developed in-house.

This product is useful for improving productivity in injection molding by using a device that provides excellent stability in mold opening control and mold opening and closing control.


P1260886  (2).JPG 機械加工 (2) rv.JPG

(Left) Various types of parting lock devices are exhibited.

(Right) Precision machining with state-of-the-art equipment


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