Posted : Jun 21, 22

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VIDEO: Seamless bending of stainless steel (t=1.5 plates) with a minimum width of 5 mm / New exhibitor, ICHINOSE METAL WORK

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ICHINOSE, a manufacturer of stainless steel fittings and other decorative metal fittings used for interior and exterior of buildings, has displayed products on the second floor of the MOBIO Tech Hall.



一体型rd.jpg 門型パネルrd.jpg

It has established a system to provide metal fittings used for architectural facade on time. One of the advanced skills developed by its master craftsmen is "fine bending" (channel bending with a min. width of 5 mm). The fine shape, which could only be made with stainless steel or FB material, is achieved by bending a one piece stainless steel t=1.5 plate without any joints and is available at ICHINOSE to reduce cost and weight.

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