Posted : Oct 29, 21

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Started with a solution to company's own problems! SAITO LIGHTING talked secret story to MOBIO BACKUPS

MOBIO hosts an internet meetup, Web Cafe Meeting, by MOBIO BACKUPS with a guest exhibitor in Japanese. They are chatting and thinking on "ways for easy-to-understand communication".





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The product is an adhesive type insect trap with an easy to understand product name for Japanese, Toletela.

The manufacturing process began with its strong desire to catch and dispose of insects that only come into the company's factory during the summer. It looked for one in the market, but only the hanging type was available. Then SAITO developed a floor type insect trap based on lighting equipment manufacturing technology, making full use of light, adhesive and reflectors.


Enjoy an executive summary VIDEO.


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Visit MOBIO to find out several insect trap models developed by SAITO at its booth on the first floor of the Tech Hall.