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"Be Creative" It is the corporate mission / Meet the President #59

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors started "INNOVATION and CHALLENGE" through the special interview. The latest "Meet the President" article is Mr. Shimonishi of SIMOTEC CO., LTD. (more info.)

- Mechanical hinges, Magnetic parts, Heat protection parts

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●Establish firm business structure based on three core technologies

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Remembering initila days, Shimonishi said "Metal hinges for constructions and furnitures were the first item of our business. Then we had added more values to hinges on top of durability and strength to enter new business market of home appliances and business equipments. It was the begining of our innovation and challenge." High performance hinges equipped with precision mechanism were capable to press evenly and stably. New hinges were widely appreciated by OA equipment and home appliance manufacturers to implement new features.

And Shimonishi took a step forward to start up Magnetic and Thermal research technologies. He said "Then I needed corporate mission "Be Creative" so that global SIMOTEC's employees are able to share my business policy. SIMOTEC is to be the corporation to create new products and services continuously."

●Improvement of marketing skills: Door-to-door sales progam and promotional activities through trade fairs

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"SIMOTEC's marketing program has been developed based on door-to-door sales progam. However I firmly believe SIMOTEC needs new marketing strategy, BtoC, to introduce new consumer products", Shimonishi said. And he decided to participate in trade fairs.

In 2017 SIMOTEC revealed the double-feed detection sensor for copy machines to replace ultrasonic sensors at Tokyo trade fair. Shimonishi said, "I have considered the trade fair as the stage to show our one-year effort result. SIMOTEC will introduce new product development and new services and then will show how we have changed."

Through his group company Shimonishi has started BtoC business by adding new packaged products for DIY sales channel. "Comparing to BtoB business, a target customer at BtoC business is not visible. That's why we need to establish new business structure of QC and customer affairs to manage new issues. And I believe it will activate corporate culture positively", Shimonishi commented.

●Relying on human's creativity produced on "20 watt"

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Shimonish emphasized importance of human activities. "Our 3T technologies are totally different by category and had been materialized effectively because we had capable human resources." And he continued, "It is said AI would replace human activity some time soom, however it consumed 20KW to accerelate its function. To the contrary human is capable to think different issues simultaneously and ro propose positive process. Tha's what I need and I would like to bet human perfocrmance, that will be motivated only by '20 watt'."

Interviewed on July 26, 2017

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