Posted : Nov 10, 15

Category : Event

Factory visit by Cafe Meeting Participants / Nov. 2

Exhibitors at MOBIO Special Exhibition in November visited Osaka companies before joining MOBIO Cafe Meeting to learn business style in Osaka.

●Inoue Mokei Co., Ltd.

Aluminum prototyping

●NAKAGAWA Precision Machinery WORKS CO., LTD.

Thin-walled lathe-processing


●MATSUDA CO., LTD. (check it details)

P1040586 P1040582

At the entrance Warm message to visitors "Thank you for visiting"


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Its cold heading technology features one-time formation of final shape, based on the experience and knowledge of specialists well versed in materials and machine tools in every process, from mold making to parts forming.

●HR development

As a member company of "Osaka Chaos" it support and conduct programs for education and job hunting by Japan's first consortium-type internship 'Moe Factory Tour' (Joyful Factory Tour) as a member company of Osaka Chaos group.



View technology presentation on Nov. 2 in the MOBIO Tech. Hall.