Posted : Oct 13, 15

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Hands-On Communication on the Premise / MOBIO Cafe Meeting in the Field on Oct. 7

MOBIO Café Meeting is an interactive session. On October 7, MOBIO Café Meeting was held at My Dome Osaka in Osaka city, outside of MOBIO Tech Hall. Following the the major trade show in the city, participants gathered at the meeting room from three locations, Tsuyama, Unnan and Osaka.

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1) Part I: Technology presentation

Team Tsuyama Stainless Net

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P1040290 P1040294 P1040295 P1040296 P1040298 P1040303 P1040306

Unnan Company

P1040333 P1040337

Team Osaka

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2) Part II: Face-to-face communication

Participants talked issues and possible solutions frankly as the first step forward.

P1040360 P1040362 P1040359 P1040363

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See you at the next MOBIO Cafe Meeting and let's talk about future plans!