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Developing Attractive Products and Promoting Intellectual Property Program

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started "INNOVATION and CHALLENGE" through the special interview.No.47 is Mr. Kunimoto of *** TOHO CO., LTD. (Read on to find out details) ***

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- Modified extrusion molded products (Plastic, Thermoplastic resin, Elastomer)

● Restructure business model, aiming to get out of subcontracting business

▲Building materials implied extrusion molding technology effectively

Since its foundation, TOHO has been dedicated in extrusion molding, manufacturing variety of plastic parts such as water supply hoses, electric wire protection tubes, plastic window sashes, consumer electronics parts and etc. and has been used to operate by mass production system. "When Japan faced yen appreciation and offshoring, we have noticed that business conditions have been totally changed." Kunimoto continued, "We had totally misunderstood to be a good supplier to large corporations, however we were just one of subcontractors with no price leadership. I noticed that we would not survive in the same business manner. So around the year of 2006 I have stated possible Challenge and Innovation at TOHO."

● Secret of success is to never give up until success

Kunimoto set up the initial goal to decrease price only mass business but to develop the only one market by introducing high value added products that could be produced only by TOHO. Kunimoto explained, "By developing attractive products that are the first in the market and applying to register patent TOHO would transform the high tech. company. And as the toll to accomplish its goal, I have decided to tackle ISO9001 certification."

He continuously said to his members, "Let's sweat at our brains to develop value added products and become the manufacturer who takes price leadership." They have visited customers often to grasp product demand correctly and proposed solution to customers' issues repeatedly by uses of corporate technology. At the same time Kunimoto motivated employees by saying, "you will accomplish it as long as you have enthusiasm and tenacity."

● Patented technology

Utilizing their manufacturing expertise they have developed new process by integrating two technologies for growing LED market. By blending light diffusion agent with base materials to extrude and knurling inner side of LED cover, they have improved light diffusion drastically.

Kunimoto proudly mentioned, "We have concentrated in demand oriented marketing through communicating knurled and drastically improved light dispersion. This technology has been registered as a patent and been arranged as one of sales items. That was the starting point of our intellectual property program."


"Such experience really improved motivation of engineering staffs and resulted in attractive products", Kunimoto said. For example, adhesive elastomer product allowed workers to install fixtures without double sided tapes at construction site. The latest commodity item is "AdhesiveClip" to be used as a document binder.

● Expansive fire insulation


The most impressive product development for Kunimoto is "Hibuse", expansive fire insulation.

In Japan the fireproof window, certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Authorization, it is required to fill with highly efficient insulation into sash. In the market large chemical companies supplied with sheet-type product that is inconvenient and short. Through their five year research and study the new fire insulation graphite product called "Hibuse".

Kunimoto said, "Material used for expansive graphite is same as the one for snake fireworks. When ignited, it expand immediately and is good for fire insulation. It was hard for us to identify suitable material without infringing patent registered by large chemical companies. After hundred material blend, finally our mixture material could pass the fire test to endure more than 20 minuted at 700 C. I clearly remember that emotion even today. When it comes to long products, extrusion molding is an ideal engineering. So I would like to strongly promote to develop user friendly product including carbon graphite material."

Interviewed on February 17, 2015
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