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Excellent precision manufacturing technologies/Apr. 8 MOBIO Cafe Meeting

The MOBIO Cafe Meeting on April 8 was about highly processing technologies, explained by the MOBIO exhibitors.
The Meeting is the place to go for direct communication with exhibitors and to to exchange ideas on cross industry collaboration with participants.

1) Pure copper laminated wire mesh

KODAN METAL CO., LTD. (Read on to find details)

On March 10 the industry newspaper reported "pure copper laminated wire mesh". It is the new technology to laminate and sinter pure copper that melt easily and is a hard to process material. They produce several mesh patterns and laminate aluminum wire mesh as well.
DSC_8836 DSC_8846

Sintering process is a treatment at high temperatures to burn away the polymerand let the metal particles glue together. Porous metal solids are used for straining out impurities from fluids, absorbing sound energy and etc.

DSC_8829 DSC_8849

2) Multi-stage press forming

MIKAMI SEISAKUSYO (Read on to find details)

Mikami handles all metal processing from stamping, welding to assembling. Applying in house technology they develop cost saving manufacturing flow, such as simultaneous operation of tapping with stamping. For example, in case if rectangular long box production can be managed by stamping master units, cutting and splitting to top and bottom and welding several body part by the robot instead of creating a large actual size mold.
DSC_8825 P1020449
They deep draw SUS materials and weld easily. The product has the outlet with 90 degree angled and considered to be hard to process, however Mikami process without any problem.
They are capable to respond to prototyping or short lot production by use of exclusive engineering, shown by the movie on their WEB site.
P1020564 P1020562

3) Sandblast processing for glass plate

SHINKO BLAST FACTORY CO., LTD. (Read on to find out details)

For the product surface process effect of cast metal, aluminum, titanium, pottery and etc., various types of sanding material (alumina or glass beads) are used. An automatic sand blaster with parameters adjusted will be used to evenly inject sand onto the product surface with compressed air, achieving an even, concave-convex shape effect.

DSC_8857 別社名なし

Sometimes the value in an industry becomes double in another industry. Instead of price competition business they are capable to develop new application by providing value-added technologies.

When they were requested to process blasting for a glass plate by the corporation in the Switherland, they needed one year to receive final quality approval based on the Japanese meticulous management. They proudly commented that the customer told Shinko leaving precision processing only to the Japanese from now on.



Business discussion continued at the canteen with drinks.

集合写真3 P1020595
Coming up the MOBIO Cafe Meeting
Date: April 22 from 18:00

Expected presenters:

1) PRD CO., LTD., Deodorant from Wasabi

2) MENDEL CORPORATION, Temporary staffing