Posted : Sep 08, 14

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MEDIX report: Participating in the trade show creates valuable opportunities to step forward / NARA SEIKO INC.

■ Entered the medical market from dental implantation business

Nara Seiko has experience in manufacturing precision optical components more than 45 years. Their micron level processing technology and new facility opening has been used to respond to optical customers' various demand.

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Based on such a high skill operation, Nara has accelerated to develop more medical products. In 1996 Nara has been entitled as the "Class I medical devices marketing authorization holder" (Class I: General medical devices per Japan's Classification of Medical Devices). It was their kickoff to start manufacturing dental implant products. CEO Nakagawa says "Dental implantation is applied to individuals. Our operation fits to such a need to produce small lot of high precision products. Actually it is our policy not to say NO to any request by customers."

P1000444 Dental implants by Nara Seiko


■ The first participation to MEDIX - Reconfirmed possible growth of medical market

For SME it is essential to take a positive attitude to secure continuous business by cultivating new demand. As expanded business network through WEB site and trade shows, Nara has acquired business opportunities by encountering to new people. In order to meet companies of different class of trade or different industries, it was their proactive business manner to participate in many trade fairs and promoted their technologies.

MEDIX新製品展示  The new surgical instrument (for a ligament and a tendon)

At MEDIX this time, Nara exhibited dental implants, new surgical instrument (for a ligament and a tendon) and other medical equipment. "At each booth I have noticed there were lots of business discussion and they were very impressive. And Nara has met many medical and administrative people to have obtained information a lot," CEO Nakagawa said.

P1050857 Nakagawa and his staff at MEDIX


■ Key to new development is a speedy decision and immediate action

Nakagawa believes to trace business encounter effectively. Considering longer period from the initial meeting at the trade show to make a final contract, "I dot not simply exchange business cards and wait their calls, but I firmly believe it is imperative to take an active approach by myself to trade visitors," Nakagawa said. Through his speedy decision and action at MEDIX, he has found new medical customers and is under business negotiation. Moreover he is discussing possible collaboration with new suppliers.

Based on such a useful result, Nara has decided to participate in the next trade fair to be held next year.

A steady step forward at each project and continuous development of new business is brought to Nara. Nara's driving force might be created by flexibility to tackle something new without any preset rules and immediate decision as the corporation.


Interviewed on August 7, 2014