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Search for the Constellation/ Meet the President #36 Mr.Izumi of SHIN-NIHON TECH INC.


CEO Izumi is holding a technology presentation kit of "PCD die cutting blades". The kit is consisted of an actual product and graphics effectively and is called as "Lunch Box" internally.


Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started "INNOVATION and CHALLENGE" through the special interview. No.36 is Mr. Izumi *** SHIN-NIHON TECH INC. ***

- Super-precision mold parts, Super-precision press and plastic molds

●Why Izumi started "Sushi-shop" type manufacturing


("Sushi-shop" type manufacturing concept display, indicating the corporate goal to provide the latest technology quickly.)

Immediately after Izumi became the CEO, he experienced the global economy crash- an economic downturn precipitated by the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy. Izumi commented, "We came to notice a structural problem at our main business sector - consumer electronics market. Even the market prevailing technology or product immediately and drastically corrupted like a digital steel camera was replaced by a smartphone. And its change affected our mold business. Then I came to know that we needed to transform our business style to focus technology and change management flexibly by identifying the real needs in the latest market. That is exactly how Sushi-shops in Japan are operating. So I started to establish 'Sushi-shop' manufacturing operation at Shin-Nihon Tech. Inc."


●Developed the unconventional PCD mold to prolong the life


(Shin-Nihon Tech's advantage is capability to manufacture molds made of ceramics (harder than cemented carbide), CBN (cubic boron nitride) and sintered diamond.)

Izumi considered the operational solution in manufacturing as their target market. Firstly he started to study the most demanded issue, long-life mold. His material choice was PCD that is much harder than prevailing Cemented Carbide.

However he needed to solve major issues at PCD usage; 1) Harder in machining 2) High temperature degradation 3) Incapability of electrical machining. When Izumi noticed it was too much for them to manage by themselves, he decided to utilize administrative information network and participated in the "Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program". Throughout the project he has received technological suggestions from specialists in several fields and finally succeeded in product development.

Izumi said, "A PCD mold life is longer by 50 times than that of a normal mold at the cost of three times more than the normal one. I firmly believe this is the only way to survive in the competitive market avoiding price only business by improving operational solution technology to customers. Its work is unrefined but cannot be replaced by machines."

Through PCD development, he noticed effectiveness of collaboration with universities and institutions using the governmental assistant framework. It was his starting point to strive for development of the new elemental technology to respond to the market voices; "Gee, we could have such a solution!".

●New Technology is a Spice that Enriches the Main Meal (core business)

Applying their expertise on diamond processing, "PCD die cutting blade" has been appreciated as the better tool to cut super-hard composite materials such as cemented carbide and SiC without lack or mindering and been awarded in 2012 as "Superior SME Technological Product" by the government of Japan.


PCD blade PCD blade tip Available width of cutting edge is less than 10μm

(The blade is convenient to SMEs because it fits to any existing equipment to save unnecessary expense)

"Laser processing of slug pulling prevention" has been commended as an excellent manufacturing award 2011 by the government of Japan, that reduced slugs in stamping operation, cut down a deformation defect ratio to 1/9. It assisted to mold maintenance time reduction drastically to have improved productivity.

5 6

(Slug pulling prevention) (SN fluorine coating)

Their solution business expanded from SN fluorine coating (the original fluorine coating adds non-adhesion, water-repellency and oil-repellency to products), Cold sprue bushing (the original sprue bushing improves production performance of small and thin plastic molding) and Thermal insulation hat (the part saves energy consumption).

Izumi considers these new technologies are side lines as the spice to the meal. "Our core business is mold manufacturing. The new business shares only ten percent of turnover. However it is very important and necessary item like a spice to enrich a meal. Its spice assisted our core business to differentiate from competitors. It's small but smart," Izumi said.

●Find the constellation

Solving various issues with the cooperation of specialists and researchers Izumi feels importance of encounter more keenly than before. "When I meet the person who has similar issues and is making all possible effort to solve, I will have some sense of that person who may know something. Once I ask such a person, suddenly I come to know the totally new way to settle the matter. It is like to identify the constellation in the dark night out of many stars and is so impressive for me. That's why I love manufacturing business. I wish I could continue to work for holding proudly what I have done", Izumi said.


Interviewed on March 11, 2014