Posted : Oct 05, 12

Category : Exhibitor's Voice

Business seminar #2: Participate in a trade fair !

The seminar on Oct 4 was held on-site for the first time, " Participate in a trade fair ! "

●Study in advance

Key points were advised to members to survey a trade fair from view point of exhibitor.

" I have never noticed those points ! " was a comment. Preparation is always important.


●On-site study

Visited " Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo " held at INTEX, Osaka,

and learned secret reasons by the booth of heavy traffic and better visibility of message.

Several inexperienced visitors were lucky to have toured with the lecturer.


●Visit review

From the view point of future exhibitors, findings of attractive display and easy-to-understand display were shared among members. " It helps a lot to listen to others' opinion " was a member's comment.



Next seminar is scheduled on Oct. 16, " Create a Catch Phrase " to learn ways to promote superiority of the company's products.