International B2B support

Company information is sent to potential domestic and overseas customers in both Japanese and English via the Internet.

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International B2B Support provides a resource for small-and medium-sized manufacturers to promote themselves via internet.


  • companies who want to establish trade agreements with foreign companies
  • companies who want to sell their products or technology to foreign companies
  • companies who want to get information about international trade shows
  • companies who want to procure goods or services from overseas
  • companies who have difficulties in handling the inquiries from overseas properly
  • those who like to provide information about their products to foreign companies
  • those who like to participate in international trade shows
  • those who have difficulties connecting with foreign companies because of the language


[Transmitting and receiving company information]
  • Introducing superior technologies and products from companies who have the largest market share in Osaka.
  • Transmitting information to both domestic and overseas companies by dividing them into groups:
  • Translate and publicize companies information of technologies and products at our website by using both Japanese and English webpages.
  • Cooperation with foreign trade support organizations.
  • Overseas sales and marketing information.
  • Making attractive contents that target companies who are interested in transaction.
  • Transmitting information to global companies through overseas web portal to send and receive international information.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) including registration with overseas major search engines.
  • Information exchange with domestic and overseas companies through portal sites which specialize in transmitting and receiving companies information.
  • Share useful information for international trade by sending e-mail newsletters.
  • Supporting to respond to e-mails from domestic and overseas companies.
  • In cases of recieving e-mails in English, we also provide service such as translation and reference.
[Provision of information for companies]
  • Quick and accurate feed back for inquiries from foreign companies, who request information from exhibitors's websites.
  • Gathering and providing information about domestic and international events.
  • Providing information for overseas trade missions.