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Product line

Processing of parts in small lots

Production of prototypes and working models

Processing materials: Aluminum, plastics, brass, ADC12, ZDC2 and etc.


Yoshinori Inoue

Description of business

Inoue Mokei Co., Ltd. manufactures precision parts for automobiles, aircraft, space development and medical use, making full use of advanced 3D and 5-axis processing technologies. It has achieved high-quality, small-lot production with short delivery times using enhanced special processing equipment and the advanced technical strength.

Products and Technologies

Capabilities of machining program and ideas for clamping methods development

● Reputed small-lot manufacturing of single item in the industry

Inoue manufactures plastic and metal parts for automobiles, aircraft and industrial equipment.
It has a good track record of processing surface roughness and deep ribbing heat sink. Inoue has also established a quality assurance system using Zeiss 3D measuring machines and others.

● Aluminum deep hole processing: Using MC with high-pressure coolant

Aluminum (ADC12)
Deep hole processing. Diameter:1.5 mm, Length: 65 mm

Inoue took on the challenge of deep hole processing using 5-axis machining centers with high-pressure coolant. And it has achieved actual results of φ6 L=300 with aluminum (ADC12) φ1.5 L=65.

Please contact Inoue for any issues on deep hole processing.

● Copper processing : Processing that is slightly difficult even for a lathe or MC

Copper processed part and cross section
Length: 330 mm, Diameter: 9 mm, Rib wall thickness: 0.45 mm

This was difficult to produce because it was a long, thin copper processed part.
Inoue achieved target precision by use of 5-axis MC machine and development of exclusive jigs.

● Magnetic polishing: Free-form surface polishing using regular MC

Magnetic polishing

Inoue uses a revolutionary polishing method that can polish a free-form surface using a regular machining center, demonstrating its ability to polish free-form surfaces and carry out partial mirror finishes and fine deburring.

It has a proven record of Ra2.2 to Ra0.8.

Round chamfering of thin material

Deburring or rounding of the tip using cutting tools may be difficult for thin shapes suspended in the middle.
High-precision automatic polishing is possible with 3D polishing methods.

Environmental improvements for the use of 5-axis MC machines and 24-hour operations

Inoue has set up a system to achieve high precision and short delivery times.

・Machine room that can achieve a precision of 1/100 of a millimeter

・Offline production of PG with 30 CADs/CAMs

・24-hour processing with auto pallet changers for all machines

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
3-7-1, Honjyo Nishi, Kita-ku, Osaka city, Osaka, 531-0073, Japan
Yoshinori Inoue
Founded / Established
1971 / 1980
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