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Product line

Medical and industrial endoscopes

Manufacturing of various types of test equipment


Yoshiyuki Iwashita

Description of business

IDECH Planning is an engineering company that has manufacturing technology for optical fiber connectors. Its main lineup includes various types of endoscopes, underwater cameras, and scopes. IDEC engages in OEM as well as single product manufacturing (including prototypes). In addition to many achievements in this area since its establishment, IDEC also designs and manufactures test equipment and measuring instruments.

Products and Technologies

Utilizing expertise in manufacturing medical devices, IDEC has developed state-of-the-art optical devices for 30 years

IDEC owns a patent for precision processing technologies of optical fiber terminals and manufactures laser equipment in-house using micro-optical system.

● Endoscopes for tests (lens-type, IG-type, camera-type)
Inspections inside pipes and cylinders, automobile parts, aircraft parts, structures, cultural properties and building materials, etc.

● Cameras for special environment and near-infrared sensors
Cameras for limited environment (deep sea, cryogenic temperatures), non-contact measurement of fruit sugar content.
Improvement of fiberscope image quality, special environmental use, patented

Endoscopes that can be used for various non-destructive tests

Transmit light without diminishing! Taking advantage of precision processing technologies for optical fiber terminal processing!


1) Suitable for various applications
Inspections inside pipes and cylinders, inspections of automobile parts, aircraft parts, and building materials, etc.

2) Excellent features
Inspections can be performed with various viewing angles and viewing directions.
Meets standards for medical instruments and also responds to autoclave environments(*)
*20 minutes or more in steam at 121℃, 2 atm

Can be manufactured from standard to custom-made products.
Stainless-steel body that can withstand long-term use on site
Also, products with built-in forceps channel.

Foreign matter can be removed at the same time as inspections are carried out.

Smart ties

Tools to fix plant stems without damage

Smart ties

1) Ring type
Increasing the number of times that the chuck part is twisted enables a secure fix without damaging the plant stem. The inside of the ring is a soft gathering. With a soft-touch effect, there is no damage to the stems. If the chuck part is removed, it can be used repeatedly.

2) Straight type
Straight-type smart ties can be used as a general banding band. It is designed to disengage when strong force is applied, so plants are not damaged.
In addition, by using the small lever on the bound part, it is possible to make fine adjustments and reuse the ties.


Tools making use of natural light for plant growth


1) Features
SUNPILE can increase the number of photosynthetic bacteria needed for plant longevity in the rhizosphere microbial community around the roots of plants, and can ideally fertilize the soil.
The shape is in the form that is needed to effectively utilize the natural light. Using a polymer mixed with special stable fluorescent paint, it does not contain any components that are harmful to plants.

2) How to use
Insert sunpile into the ground every 2 to 3 cm with the lens part facing up, so as not to damage the roots. Can be used repeatedly.

Corporate Profile

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1-10-9, Takaratyou, Katsushika-ku,Tokyo, 124-0005, Japan
Yoshiyuki Iwashita
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